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Grew up in Illinois

we say 'pop'

Went to Michigan

Played ultimate for MagnUM

Studied materials science

Fell in love with an art student

Travelled around China

Built cool things

Discovered the world of startups

everything changed

Moved to California

Studied industrial engineering at Berkeley

obsessed about startups instead

Interned at Indiegogo as a UX Researcher

thank you, Will

Learned how to start a startup from Steve Blank

Started Diabeats with a friend

Learned what creating vs founding meant

I wasn't ready

Turned down investor money

Joined as first hire at LaunchPad Central

thank you, Bhavik

Launched the product to the NSF

Achieved product/market fit

Moved to San Francisco 🚃

Went through a bad board meeting

grown men cry

Scaled the product

Grew the team

Married that art student

Moved to New York 🗽

Left LaunchPad Central


Joined Grovo as a product manager

Became a father 👶🍼🎉

everything changed, again

Joined Square as a product manager

Launched a new product line for restaurants

Had another kid 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

we'rewe thought we were done

Pulled into leadership role

experienced every page in the HR handbook

Learned how to lead at scale

org grew to 100 reports

Moved to Austin 🤠

technically the burbs

Decided to fire myself

a story for another day

Joined Mutiny to lead product & design

Had another kid

now we're actually done

Taking it all in...